Happy Holidays 2023!

Happy Holidays everyone!

We hope the season finds all fans of Nina Aquila well, and also wish you the best for the upcoming year! And to commemorate this, here's a piece of original art by the fantastically talented Reendeff!

(they can be commissioned here, if you're interested!)

And for the little announcement...

I can never put a date on the release of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter IV. Longtime fans will be aware this isn't my day-job, and I can only work on the games when I have time. But things have been progressing well on Chapter IV recently, and I want to just share with you that I aim to try and release C4 before the end of 2024. Thanks in advance for your patience; I'm sure no-one expected it to take this long (myself included!) but I hope you can understand.

So! If you want to keep up with development, there are a few ways to do this.

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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Looking forward to it. Rather you take your time and release another banger than rush it out before it's ready. Happy holidays.