NALE C3 Weekly update #1

You guys seemed to like the weekly updates for Chapter II, so this is the start of weekly updates for Chapter III!

Currently still in the writing stage for III. Before developing Chapter I, I had a written plan of where the series was going to go in terms of the over-arching plot - however, as is often said, "no plan survives contact with the enemy unscathed" and there are already small elements where NALE has deviated from the plan. In some cases, this was because I discovered new things during development which were superior to my original thoughts...

... and some of them came out of having to work within the limitations of the engine, or learning more about what can be done to support good storytelling within NALE's top-down perspective. That being said, these limitations are good; I think some of NALE's best features have arisen from them.

Anyway, as a result of this, I've had to revisit that initial plan and make sure it's still fit-for-purpose, while working up the overall plan of Chapter III.

So that's where we currently are! More next week.

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Looking forward in actually playing this. Played Chapeter 1 and i was smiling in the whole tutorial since it gave a whole vibe of Ace attorney. I like the idea in controlling the character and see them interacting. Keep it up, thinking in purchasing Chaper II 😊

Thanks so much! It's always awesome to read comments like this. It really helps me get through some of the more difficult days.