NALE C3 Weekly update #7

I'm ill! :(

Chapter III dev has been off to a rocky start, it seems! Still, work is progressing albeit slowly. Hoping to finalise the narrative summary before Christmas, so I can start splitting the story into the implementation states.

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Rest up buddi and get well.
I played Chapter II and the story was wonderful.<span class="css-901oao css-16my406 r-1qd0xha r-ad9z0x r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0" <the="" s<="" span="" style="color: inherit; font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;"> when i was stuck in my own development </span>work the puzzle / case help me relax and the drama / jokes were nice.

It features a small mini game that do not feel like another game, you need to play it in order to progress the game.