NALE C3 Weekly update #12

Sorry for the lack of updates; I did actually write one just over a week ago, but it seems to have been lost? Odd. Still, onwards!

This week has been busy. As part of trying to deliver NALE while looking after my eye health, as you guys know, I've begged and borrowed to get a new desk and set up something of a home office. This was fine up until a couple of days ago, where I pretty much reached the end of Chapter 3's written plan.

But soon I need to get into development, and that old laptop just wasn't up to it. My scrimping just wouldn't cover a dev PC, so I had to make a small personal sacrifice; my gaming PC from my living room has been repurposed for the office, meaning that I no longer have said gaming setup (at least, until Chapter 3 is finished). That's hardly high-spec, but high enough for MV.

Still, that was a rollercoaster. I started moving it, only to realise the machine didn't have wifi. I found an old wifi card, then discovered the machine didn't have a free PCI port. I used a USB wifi from ~2005, and found that didn't work under Windows 10... In the end I ordered a new USB wifi adaptor and I'm hoping that works.

I bet Hideo Kojima doesn't have this problem. T_T

Anyway, hoping to start on proper dev on Chapter 3 within the next week or so. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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