NALE C3 Weekly update #13

Hi all, we're note in March! And to celebrate recent work, I've attached a short video which shows the very first 2 states of NALE Chapter 3! These may change slightly before launch but should be pretty final.

To give you guys an idea of velocity, this is about 4-5 evenings' work. One of the locations was totally new, and the cutscenes take some time; I have to watch them through many times and make little changes here-and-there. It's a bit like planing down a piece of wood; little touches until I'm happy they're as cinematic as possible. I'm not sure how long a full chapter takes to make; I stopped counting with Chapter 2 at around 500 hours; hopefully 3 will be a bit quicker as I'm more knowledgeable of the tools I have to work with.

Anyway, hope you guys like it! I won't be posting loads of these; it's difficult in a mystery-themed game to post lots of progress videos without spoilers, but I'll try to do little previews when I can.

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That was a nice little preview, Nina starting to look into Anya Miller's case, her and Dylan about to go to Rostro Spire where the next case starts.

I only have one question about all this: is Nina going to use her own car to race?

Its fine if you can't answer but she did say it was old so I'm not sure.

That would be funny though 'cause she's a defence attorney yet despite that her car has infractions 'cause she used it for illegal street racing, its just a random thought I had.

Thanks! Sorry, but no answers; I'd love to answer you but I've got to keep some stuff secret.

I expected as much but its fine, I wouldn't get NALEd otherwise.