NALE C3 Weekly update #14

Hi everyone, work is continuing!

Right now I'm waist-deep in Day Zero, working on the main location in which much of this day takes place. My immediate priority, as always, is to get the player through the location with all the necessary steps and imparting all of the key information, then once it's complete, to go back over it and finesse all of the cutscenes.

That being said, Chapter 3 is challenging in this regard. As the theme is around illegal street racing, we have a location called "The Rostro Vista Parking Lot" where much of the game takes place. That's going to require some very robust eventing, so it's a slow process, as my scripting structure has a lot of redundant checks and belts-and-braces protections to ensure the player never gets stuck even if something goes wrong.

Note to self: Next time, write cases that don't involve crowds!

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