NALE C3 Weekly update #15

Hi all! Another week, another devlog.

Progress continues. I'm within sight of the end of Day-0 now, in terms of states; this was slower progress than usual, as I've had to create a bunch of assets for this, mainly for the "Rostro Vista Parking Lot" location. As the theme of the chapter is around illegal street racing, much of the chapter's events take place in this location, so there was a fair bit to consider.

Hopefully by the next time I post, I should be down to just completing the visual details of Day-0 (the lighting pass is going to be quite important).

Also, to celebrate the upcoming release of the FFVII remake, I've brought over my FFVII-style window-skin to Itch:

I'm going to have a few other assets in the next few weeks, so make sure you follow if you want to catch those.

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