NALE is going to feature in a print gaming magazine!

NALE is going to feature as the cover game of issue 2 of Pixel Bison!

The issue's going to feature a review of the game, as well as a Q&A article, and while stocks last, a FREE A4 poster!

Huge thanks to these guys; PB is an indie gaming mag which covers AAA, retro and indie gaming, and they've just got started. I've already got the first issue and the print quality is fantastic, so I can't wait to see issue 2 and beyond!

This is such a big deal to me; I grew up reading the 90s era of UK games mags by EMAP and Future, and always wondered if I would ever make a game that would feature in a magazine like that; obviously with print mags being less common today, I didn't expect this would ever happen.

Check out Pixel Bison at the link, they've got more great stuff lined up this month! I'm actually really looking forward to that Star Trek article.

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