NALE C3 Weekly update #28 - and a sneak preview

Hi all! Another week, another devlog!

I took a brief break for a few days this week; I'd been working on NALE every night for weeks, and realised that wasn't sustainable, so I decided to grab some stuff in the Steam Sale and actually PLAY some games for a change. That being said, Day 4 is still going, and should hopefully be wrapped up within a week, leaving just days 5 and 6 of the core scripting.

Also, longtime followers will know that the guys at Pixel Bison magazine are featuring NALE in their next issue, which will be out in just over a week! This issue will feature an interview with yours truly, as well as a review of Chapter 2, an A4 NALE poster. Turns out they had a spare page going, so the issue will now also include a full-page ad for NALE Chapter 3, rendered in the classic 90s magazine style (only without the bath full of blood, needless profanity or bewildered topless model - the 90s, maaaan, crazy times).

Development is still going; meanwhile, make sure you get your pre-orders in for the magazine if you want one of those NALE posters (I think they have a limited run)!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm not paid or sponsored by Pixel Bison in any way; I actually didn't know them before we talked about NALE. I'm just keen to see them succeed as I have a nostalgic love for print videogame magazines.

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