NALE C3 Weekly update #31

Hi all!

Week 31, and I'm now about 2/3rds of the way through the main implementation of Day 5. Not without its problems; let it not be said that game dev is a straight line! I had to go back this week and entirely re-implement the flow for going in/out of races. Buuuut, the end result is much more stable so it's for the best.

To give you guys a window, I'm hoping to complete Day 5 by the end of July, then finish Day 6 and most outstanding obvious tasks by the end of August. That means I'm going to be contacting artists etc. soon to get the CGs made and deal with all the other stuff I'm going to need to do which I kinda ignore while doing the main development (for instance, I make the evidence images last, because I like to smash those all out one evening rather than doing them one-at-a-time).

I've also got my wedding & honeymoon soon! Assuming it doesn't all get cancelled due to the COVID situation. I'll be taking a break from NALE for that.

Still, we're well on-course for the late-Autumn release. I might even have a date by September... Fingers crossed!

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