NALE C3 Weekly update #37

Hi all, NALE C3's beta continues!

We're doing it in several waves, and are currently on wave 2. Fortunately, it seems that the major bugs stopped coming in with wave 1, and we're down to things like typos and little niggles, which suggests we're heading in the right direction!

I'm also waiting for several commissioned artists to come back with work, so I can slot that where it should go in-game. I'm expecting those back pretty soon.

In related news, I'm getting married soon! So there's going to be a brief hiatus. I'm going to try and make sure that all of the art is commissioned etc. before that happens, so hopefully I'll come back to that, ready-to-go. Once that happens, I can pick a release date and we can start the road to launch.

Thanks a bunch, all of you, who have stood by NALE as the chapter has taken shape. Not long to go, now!

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Congratulations on the wedding plans! :) When is the big day?


Very soon (like in the next couple of weeks!) so things are kinda crazy right now. The pandemic has brought extra complexity; we cut the guest list down to a very small number (really just immediate family) and we're engaging in a great deal of extra planning to help make sure everyone is safe, e.g. plenty of sanitiser, masks, using the space to give people the room to social distance... So it's brought many extra considerations.