[2 Days] The Art of Koahri!

5 days to go, and we’re talking about one of NALE’s contributing artists, eastern-Europe-based Koahri!

Koahri was the very first outside artist to be commissioned for NALE art, after we met through the r/HungryArtists subreddit. As a result, they were the first person who had to take Nina’s tiny 48x48px sprites and RPG Maker face-sets, and try and turn them into something much more dynamic and exciting.

We were really impressed by their slightly KyoAni style, which was exactly what we were looking for at the time.

To say they succeeded would be an understatement. Koahri’s images of Nina have come to define the character, and form the outline of how I picture her in my head.

So, when we needed more cut-in images for the racing mode of NALE Chapter III, Koahri was the obvious choice. In this case, we needed a range of images, with different emotional states.

Again, they totally nailed it. Fantastic work, as always.

Koahri’s been great to work with, and we look forward to the chance to work with them again!

If you want to commission Koahri - and you should, they’re amazing - you can reach them via Twitter.


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