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Nina Aquila returns in Legal Eagle II: "Broken Wings"!

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a series of anime-themed VN/graphic adventure games, in which you step into the shoes of a rookie defense attorney. Fledge City is in crisis, and it's up to Nina Aquila and her friends to make sure justice prevails!

  • An anime-themed epic told over 4 hours of gameplay!
  • Aimed at adults, but entirely SFW
  • A hybrid visual novel/graphic adventure game
  • An exciting mystery plot that satirises "collect and battle" anime, such as Yugioh and Gundam Build Fighters




Case II: "Broken Wings"

Get ready to duel!

Several weeks have passed since the events of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, and Nina's life is in turmoil after a costly defeat in court. Her confidence shattered, Nina holes up in her office until a visitor comes to the door - one who believes that only she can help him.

A murder has been committed at the High Flyers Casino. The victim? A celebrity player of a trading card game, "Dragon Fantasy Arena", on the eve of the national tournament!

Who would commit murder over a children's card game? And why?

Surrounded by hot-blooded heroes and dastardly cosplaying villains, Nina will need  all her cunning if she's to make the best of a bad draw... Or her client's going to be sent to the graveyard!

New features for this chapter

  • Investigate crime scenes and explore key locations
  • Explore Fledge City using a pseudo-3D Mode-7 overworld
  • Play "Dragon Fantasy Arena",  a card-game-themed battle system unique to the world of NALE

Content/Trigger Warnings

NALE Chapter 2 features a story which revolves around a key murder, though there is no gore. There are also themes of bereavement and recent loss.

Accessibility Info

NALE has a number of accessibility considerations, which may make the game more comfortable for some players. These options include reducing flashes and bright, intense onscreen effects. A full rundown of NALE's accessibility options can be found HERE.

State of Development

NALE is created on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

The initial chapter is free, follow-up chapters are available for a small fee.

Funds raised will initially go towards the unique assets required to create the future cases, with a long-term goal of replacing all the visual aspects of the game with unique character and environment assets.

Updates & news are posted HERE.

Credits & Special Thanks

This game was made by Tanuki-sama Studios, who can be found on twitter or their website.

Thanks go to the RPG Maker official forums & subreddit, all of my followers on Twitter & Tumblr, and members of the NALE discord.

The game also features an extensive credits list that covers plugin, asset and voice attribution; please check these out as NALE would only be possible with their help!


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