Ethan Fox rebrands to Tanuki-sama Studios, & exciting future plans for NALE!

We're excited to announce the formation of a new developer, Tanuki-sama Studios, which has been created to function as the development studio for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle.

In practical terms, this changes nothing - NALE is still created by Ethan Fox, who acts as the director (and currently sole employee) of TSS; just that NALE's success in 2020 has necessitated creating a studio identity, and it'll hopefully allow us to do bigger and bolder things with NALE in the future.

There's no need to update any links; any former ethan-fox links will auto-magically redirect to the new tanuki-sama-studios links.

There are exciting things in the works for NALE, and we invite all our followers to read this statement about our future plans:

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