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v1.4 - Accessibility Update
We're pleased to announce that NALE Chapter 1 has been updated to v1.4, which has brought a range of Accessibility Updates . Since early in the game's life, we...
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New version: v1.3
NALE Chapter III has been updated to version 1.3. Tanuki-sama Studios branding has been added Minor fix to credits sequence Fixed "step sprite problem" Nina "sl...
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Ethan Fox rebrands to Tanuki-sama Studios, & exciting future plans for NALE!
We're excited to announce the formation of a new developer, Tanuki-sama Studios , which has been created to function as the development studio for Nina Aquila...
UPDATE: NALE Chapter 3 v1.2
We've updated the version of NALE Chapter 2 for download to v1.2! This version just includes a bunch of small fixes - typos, a few small fixes. For those who ha...
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Hotfix: Please update your version of NALE Chapter III!
Hi all, If you have already downloaded NALE Chapter III, please delete your existing version and download the latest version . Following NALE Chapter III's laun...
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Hotfix - video intro not playing
Hi all, We've just uploaded a hotfix; some users found the game's intro video didn't play correctly. Our fix is a bit of a hack, where we've put in a short dela...
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NALE Chapter 3 is OUT NOW!
After more than 14 months of development (in 2020, so I guess that's been development on HARD MODE, especially when you factor in the pandemic, my wedding and a...
A special appeal to NALE's fans - we need your help!
Hi all, Ethan here. NALE Chapter III comes out tomorrow , and I'm making a special appeal to you guys, to help make it a success. If you have time, please read...