New voice actor & major update!

Hi everyone! NALE Chapter 2 has seen a major update today!

As we move towards Chapter 3's upcoming release (I'll announce the date soon!), we're producing new builds of Chapters 1 and 2 with many fixes and improvements.

For Chapter 2, this new build includes...

  • Nina's voice samples are now provided by long-time anime voice actor Rachael Messer, star of such shows as the Funimation dub of Azur Lane!
  • The in-game evidence browser now presents evidence in alphabetical order
  • Fixed the sequence-break that was possible in day 3 involving the safe and the event passes
  • Several key map fixes; e.g. you can no longer stand on the table in the cosplay area
  • Many small typo fixes and little text improvements
  • Remastered the intro sequence to reduce file size while not really losing much in terms of quality

Thanks, all of you, for your help in reporting issues for us to fix! You're all so amazing!

For those of you who have played the game already, these fixes are all improvements to quality-of-life and content, but they don't actually change the story/plot/narrative in any way - so if you want to play again (you'll get to hear Rachael's awesome Nina samples!) then great, but there's no need to worry about having "missed something".

Thanks again, and also - we'll be announcing the release date of Chapter 3 very soon, so make sure you follow to not miss out! You can follow us here, but also over on Twitter or Discord!


NALE Chapter 2 Game ZIP file 652 MB
Oct 16, 2020

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I like the new voice for Nina,  still enjoyed playing NALE 2 yet again, got to wreck Chad again until its time for the Legal Stage

Side note: this is odd but why do I feel like I know LIVEWIRE? Its really weird but for the sake of future cases I will not be deducing anything about that person.

In any case I'm still good to solve Case 3

Thanks a bunch for posting this; it's great to hear that you loved Nina's new VA! Rachael did a fantastic job

As for the other thing... Well, that'd be telling :D

Case III is out soon; we're just finishing up some of the assets we need for the release before we pick a final date. Stay tuned!

Wouldn't have it any other, figuring out a mystery should be fun