Become Valkyrie & use the Sacred Feathers to fight for higher scores in this *free* twin-stick shoot'em-up!

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Tanuki-sama Studios is proud to present Valkyrie: Sacred Feathers S, an arcade-style spinoff title in the Fledge City Setting,
the same universe as our visual novel adventure series, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle!


VSFS was created as a prototype battle system for future Nina Aquila content, but we thought it was fun, so decided to release this little piece as a free highscore-based experience!

If you enjoy this, be sure to check out Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One!


Take control of Valkyrie and fight off waves of enemies to score the most points.

You gain points for destroying enemies & picking up power-ups.

A few tips:

  • You have 3 lives, represented by the feathers which follow you; these respawn, but the respawn time gets longer!
  • Having fewer feathers multiplies your score; live dangerously for maximum points!
  • Destroy enemies in a consistent succession to increase the combo meter; this multiplies the points you receive!
  • You're invulnerable for a short moment when you dash; use this to move through enemy attacks!


FunctionControllerKeyboard & Mouse
MoveLeft StickCursor Keys
Aim & FireRight StickMouse Cursor & Left Mouse
DashX ButtonShift Key

Information & Thanks

The key art of the Valkyrie character was made by DragonKin  - find them at

The game was made using RPG Maker MV, using critical plugins modified from those made by bblizzard, GALV and Sanshiro, as well as many others.

It was originally a prototype based on a straightforward idea; to explore if a Mode7-style twin-stick shooter with some limited "bullet hell" elements could be built in RPG Maker MV.

Thanks also go to my wife, the community for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, our testers on Discord and the posters on the RPG Maker subreddit & official forum.

Development log


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Uncommented gameplay

This was a lot of fun. You did a good job at balancing the difficulty so that it rose at the right amount. Can't wait to see what you make next. Keep it up! 


Good job. This was fun.

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Very nice game concept. Made it to wave 12, score of 325, 445.

The music was also very catchy, and I'd like to know the origin of it.


Thanks! The music came from a resource pack of royalty-free music. I'm uncertain of which specific pack at present, though.


It's from this pack, which I'm pretty sure has a EULA that mentions that credit is required. (just FYI)


Thanks! Can you point to where it says this in the EULA? I looked through the terms and didn't see it, but I can modify my credits in my next update.

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I guess it's possible that you bought a different version of the pack than I did, so maybe your EULA is different than mine, or something. But assuming that your EULA is the same as mine, it should be around the bottom of page 2:

2.3 Your game must include additional documentation that clearly indicates the use of the Resource Pack and the following copy:

[Copyright](C) Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.
Published by: Degica Co., LTD
Resource creators: Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.


Thanks for digging that out! I'll go in the credits in our next update. I hadn't realised as it isn't in the EULA present on Steam, or stated in the store description. Still, easily fixed.


If you're talking about the music that plays during combat, it's a track called "BGM Scene6 Valkirie FSPC", from the Future Steam Punk resource pack.

I like the pack in that pretty much every song in the pack is really catchy, and I enjoy listening to them. But I've found that it's kinda hard to actually use a lot of them in RPGs, because almost every song has such a fast tempo that they just don't really seem to fit many situations. I'm thinking that whoever composed the music probably didn't actually do so with the initial intention of it being used in RPGs. But it turns out that the pack fits a game like this one pretty well.

=== Known Issues ===

Hey all, please reply here with any issues you observe!

  • Class A
    • It's possible to end up in a state where the "WAVE COMPLETE" screen doesn't disappear after finishing a wave; cause presently unknown will investigate
  • Class B
  • Class C