We need your help!

Starting with today's Creator Day Sale, we're asking for your help!

We're in the process of commissioning a new piece of Key Art for the game, which will depict all of the major characters in a manner reminiscent of other prominent VNs and adventure games:

This new image, which we're fans will love, will depict Nina, Dylan, Livewire, Anya and Chad.

This is a really big commission, which we're going to mostly fund with revenue from NALE - but we want to give fans the opportunity to help us bring this to life, so we're trying to raise 350$ towards that goal before March 19th.

If you want to help out, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • Buy NALE over on Steam or Itchio (existing owners, consider gifting a copy to a friend!)
  • Donate to our Ko-Fi
  • Buy any items from the merch store

These methods are all equal; all of the support goes into the same pot.

Thanks in advance, if you choose to help us out!

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