Help me replace my office chair :(

Hi everyone! Coming to you with an unusually personal plea.

Much of the equipment I use for NALE development is bought on the thrift, as I try to keep costs really low in order to maximise the budget I can spend on making the games the best they can be.

Unfortunately, a couple of months ago the office chair I use developed a problem, and is finally giving up the ghost. I need to replace it as soon as possible before it becomes totally unusable.

This is a problem because I've suffered from lower back problems in the past, so I have to get good quality chairs. I'm also a plus-sized, fat-bodied person, which places some constraints on what I should get. I was very lucky to score this imitation Aeron chair on eBay ~5 years ago for an absolute steal, but I've been watching eBay for a similar bargain and just haven't found one.

While it's not the most exciting or sexy tool of the gamedev trade, I think people will agree that a working office chair is pretty vital in game development.

I want to look after my health and buy a quality chair with a long guarantee, so I want to buy a refurbished actual Herman Miller Aeron Chair, but these are £350, or ~$440. But I'm not comfortable with asking for donations, so instead, I'm putting my game on offer!

So during this period of the Steam Autumn Sale, I'm putting NALES1 at 50% off, and will be funnelling the earnings towards a purchase of a chair.

During this time, if you purchase the game, it will be a huge help. You can also purchase it as a gift either here or on Steam, if you already own the game. Finally, sharing a link in your social circle to the game and explaining this'll help out a one-person indie studio would mean a lot!

You can purchase the game in one of these places:

Thanks for reading this!

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