Withdrawing Mac OS Support

We are unfortunately forced to announce that we are ending Mac OS support for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, and do not anticipate restoring it in the future. This is ultimately due to our engine provider deprecating their support for the platform, which ties our hands:


To give a bit of context - up until this point, NALE has only supported Mac OS in one area; the free Chapter 1 episodic release here on itch.io. The rest of NALE content, here and on Steam, was Windows PC only (the Steam version will also soon support Linux).

This was, in part, because of how the engine handled Mac OS; we would've needed to purchase Mac hardware for development, which was never financially viable.

Due to the engine deprecating Mac OS support for future OS revisions, fans can hopefully understand why it is only prudent for us to make clear that we are withdrawing Mac OS support, and, unless the situation changes, we will not be pursuing it in the future.

The immediate effect of this is that we've pulled the Mac OS version from the itch.io page for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle Chapter 1, as we felt it was inappropriate to offer Mac fans the chance to experience the start of the NALE story without being able to support the rest.

This was not an easy decision, but we feel it's right, under the circumstances. We're aware at this point that NALE has been downloaded by many hundreds of Mac users, and a number of you have reached out to ask when more of the game is going to be available. Believe us when we say that it saddens us that we have to take these steps.

Tanuki-sama Studios may still support Mac OS in future titles, depending on engine compatibility.

Thanks for reading this, and we're sorry if this disappoints you.

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