Nina is now in her new (old) home!

Hi all! There are changes afoot!

For SEO reasons, we've had a bit of a switcharound and cleaning-of-house.

From now on, the latest version of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle Season One's demo and full game are playable/purchaseable on this page, which was previously the home of the oldest version of the game:

In moving the definitive, final release of the Season One game to this URL, we've also removed the other pages that the new release previously had here on Itch. Players who bought the latest version of the game (or any previous versions) at other places on Itch should find that they can claim the newest version at the above URL for free.

Additionally, we've created page for the old, "classic" NALE Chapter 1, which has been placed here for posterity:

It's hoped that Tanuki-sama Studios will be able to look back on that in the coming years as a memory of where we've come from.

As far as players are concerned, this should be seamless, so there shouldn't be much cause for concern - but we wanted to post this here in case people notice the URL change and want to know what's going on. If you notice any issues, please let us know!

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