Planned updates for evidence management

Now that over a thousand people have checked out NALE, one of the more commonly-cited bits of feedback concerns the handling of Evidence within the game, so I wanted to address the future plans for this feature.

The aim is that NALE will use a custom inventory browser resembling the attached mockups. However, this is beyond my own scripting ability, so I'm going to hire a scripter to create this feature (it shouldn't be particularly complex for someone who knows what they're doing).

The key advantages of this over the prior system are...

  • We can have both evidence and character profiles
  • Users can see accompanying images that go with evidence items whenever they want (this will be important in future cases)
  • The distinction between browsing and presenting evidence is much clearer, preventing mistakes

In any case, if anyone has strong opinions about this, do let me know. I've already had feedback about this particular feature from a bunch of you, so hopefully this'll match your expectations!

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