30$ Amazon gift card giveaway for followers!

Giveaway time! For 1 week, I'm going to run a giveaway to win a 30$ Amazon gift card! The winner will be picked on Saturday, May 11th (that's one week from today!).

To enter, you just need to follow me on itch.io - so just visit this link, and hit Follow...


... and you're done!

If you're already following me, don't worry, you're already eligible for the giveaway (also thank-you!!).

A few notes:

  • The contest is open to anyone who follows me and the winner will be picked from the list at random. However, if the winner looks to be a bot or giveaway dummy account, I'll keep drawing until I get an account which looks genuine.
  • The gift card will be delivered via email; I'll get in touch with the winner when the contest ends.
  • The card will be for whatever Amazon store you choose, so UK, US...
  • The value of the card may change a little based upon exchange rate; I'll supply the closest rounded figure.

Thanks everyone, and good luck!

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