NALE is now part of the British Library's interactive fiction archive!

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle has been added to the British Library's project to archive examples of British-made interactive fiction!

I was contacted several weeks ago by an associate of the British Library, who informed me that as part of their internet archive, they're working on a project specifically aimed at interactive fiction, and they believe that NALE is a suitable inclusion.

NALE's specific listing can be found here.

A bit more info about this project can be found here and here.

Needless to say, this has come as something of a surprise! When I started NALE, I had no idea that it would become something that is notable to institutions such as the British Library or the UK Web Archive. I communicated this to the researcher, who said they'd heard that from many creators they'd approached. I guess no-one expects to receive an email from a library researcher out of the blue!

Of course, when I say "notable", I'm aware that this isn't necessarily indicative of the game's quality, but still, this is a big milestone for the project and it's great to know that NALE would persist, in some form, thanks to the Web Archive, despite the ephemerality usually associated with the web.

Thanks, all of you, who have played the game, reviewed it, talked about it, or even just taken an interest in playing it in the future. The traffic you guys have generated has pushed the game up to high spots in the rankings of various categories, which was almost certainly a factor in this particular researcher's discovery of the game.

Chapter 2 is coming this summer! And if you want to stay up to date, you can follow me or join the NALE Discord!

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