NALE logo shirts now available!

Work on NALE Chapter 2 is nearing completion, and to celebrate, NALE Logo shirts are now available from TeePublic!

This shirt will be on special offer for 2 days, as an introductory price.

Check here:

Additional merch will be coming in the near future, so check back for that!

Get Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle


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Sweet! I have a navy blue shirt on the way.

If you can offer for additional merch, like dakimakura pillowcases of Chad Hawt-er-Hawkes or Nina, that would be cool too. Maybe have one side in courtroom all-business pose, and the other like an embarrased or shocked expression. I'd drop anywhere between 20$ to 70$ for something like that.

Wow, love the request!

It wasn't something I'd considered before now, but people are interested, I can look into options for it. I've seen other indie creators do similar stuff so there's bound to be someone I can contact to make the actual items.

Oh also, you're probably going to receive your shirt before anyone else. You follow me on Twitter, right? When you get it, could you @-mention me with a couple of pictures of the final product?